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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Alf

Wow. You want a review of OtherSpace, that's it in a nutshell. Wow. I'm serious here people. I've been playing at OtherSpace for a year and a half now, and I think I've been an admin there for nine months.

And I've only been there a fraction of the time that its been online. The game itself is three and a half years old, and we're currently in the middle of our twelfth story arc; The Marionette's Last Dance.

Some of you may be wondering what a story arc is. Well, to draw a common analogy a story arc would be the equivilant of one season's worth of episodes for the X-Files, or Babylon 5. The reason we've done twelve in three and a half years is we have an excellent storyteller in Brody, the creator of the OtherSpace universe, and we can't go into syndicated re-runs, so whenever you log on you're garaunteed a new twist or turn somewhere on the MUSH.

That's another thing to mention, we're a MUSH, not a MUD. Subtle difference, I know, but there is one nonetheless. A MUSH is what some might call a Role Play Intensive/Required MUD, but really we're pure RP. There's nothing on OtherSpace without RP, we have no mobs to hunt and kill, no automated 'bad guys' or 'good guys' for your characters to hack into little bits. We have ambiguous characters that can't be pinned down to one certian alignment. Their moods may vary depending on the actions going on about them. Though a few have reputations as being not so nice in a consistant manner.

Also since we're a MUSH we don't offer stock 'classes' of any sort. We give the player a chance to develop their own character how they see fit, without forcing them through any sort of classing system. If you've always wanted to play a tailor you can play it. Pilots, Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, Reporters, Talkshow Hosts, and Doctors all inhabit OtherSpace, along with hundreds of other possibilities.

Now, as befitting a Role Play MUSH we have one minor requirement. We ask that you write a biography, and I don't mean write 'my parents died at age 4, they were nice. i grew up with wolfs that taught me to bite people'. We want a little more content and themely understanding than that. If you take the hour or two to read and research a character you'll be well rewarded with an easily written biography, and quick acceptance out into the IC areas of the MUSH.

This game has eaten whatever social life I had before I found it. Its more addictive than cocaine, and one reason its sucked me in is I'm a sucker for changing things. I love to see how my actions affect other characters, how a six foot tall cat reacts to me calling it fuzzball is a favorite of mine.

The players here are all dedicated to furthering a wonderfully original and deep theme, the staff codes up some awesome systems for the players to use to further their RP experience (some examples being a +speak system where language skills are implemented, HSpace, skill system, and comming in a few weeks a fully operational Econ System), and all in all OtherSpace is a nice place to play.

Well, that's enough tooting of my horn here, and I'm starting to twitch from RP withdrawl, so I'll close with this. OtherSpace is an excellent place for you to go to immerse yourself into a continually evolving story. Feel free to log on today at 1790, tell em Alf sent ya. :)