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Reviews Section
Tsunami by Streak

Iíve only been mudding about six years. To many people out there Iím a neophyte. During these years, however, Iíve been to many many MUDs. Inevitably, however, I always end up back at Tsunami. Nowadays I guess itís because I know the people there, but in the early days my reasoning was totally different. Every MUD you visit ends up more or less the same. Their variety summed up in a skill list which is anything but.

You know what Iím talking about. You make a fighter you have a Ďkickí skill. Eventually you learn a Ďbashí skill. Paladins are merely clerics who gain spells a little slower. Itís static, undynamic, and boring. The catch is that while Tsunami is not without its faults youíll be hard pressed to find a place with more variety. A paladin isnít a cleric who learns slow. A fighter can do things much more interesting than Ďkickí. Its true variety no two classes are the same. Tsunami is, in a word, unique.

Letís face it, experiencing characters can get old. Yet, Tsunami has attempted to remedy this. There are wars, there are invasions, there are events being held all the time. Even the oldest players, the ones who should be the most lethargic, can often be coaxed out into open play to take part in the fun. Iím honest when I say I canít find a MUD that is as interesting as Tsunami. Iíve tried too. Itís been like that for most people, I think. At least, everyone Iíve known.

In my time Iíve brought a good number of players over to the game. Most play for a while, some leave, but rarely can one say theyíve found a better MUD. Those that stay and become true MUDders will attempt to branch out as friends from other worlds tug on them to try Ďtheir MUDí. Yet Iíve yet to see any attempt at this be successful. Inevitably they state how boring the new MUD is and return. For Tsunami, while a lot of things, is rarely boring when compared to other text-based games.

If youíre tired of the same old thing and want to try something different then check it out. Really, thatís all I can say. Tsunami is different. Tsunami is unique. That is why Tsunami has managed to keep my attention even as Iíve grown bored of most every other source of free entertainment you can find out there.