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Reviews Section
Tsunami by Clavicus Vile

This is an amazing mud.
I have been mudding for a while now, and tried many different muds. But, as the other reviewers do, I always come back to this mud. Why?

A normal mud usually follows the same path. The typical 'Did I get your name right y/n' crud. The usual NPC's walking around in the strangest places without any intelligence to boost themselves. Pk systems where level 1's can get killed by highbies for no reason. And some muds boast that they have 3 classes?

Tsunami lets you have 6 characters from your account. This lets you have lots of freedom. Add to this freedom 57 subclasses, 9 guilds, and more subclasses being added occasionally, and you can have all the fun you like! From basic fighters to powerful mages, mighty dragons to fiery demons, you can have almost every type of character imaginable (and unimaginable!).
Every subclass starts with the skills that it has, just to a lower degree, ensuring that you can have just as much fun as a high levelled player.

Tsunami has a huge world. There are vast areas to explore and powerful monsters to defeat. There are powerful and sometimes unusual items. Experience is gained for how much you damage an enemy, and also when you kill an enemy. This is better because, why do you gain exp when you kill a monster? Is it because of your fight with it? Then, you should gain exp from the fight! On reaching enough exp, which you should have been spending on your skills, spells, songs, prayers, stats etc, you will level. This is unlike some muds where even though you are experienced enough, it still costs you money to advance level for some reason.

Apart from the already-exciting experience gaining systems, there are wars where all the players are pitted against each other in teams or individually. Death in wars is fake; kills in wars gets you experience on the normal mud. This is usually a substantial amount of experience.
The Tsunami realm is also sometimes plagued by invasions from NPC's, burning everything as they go. The mud also has arenas, (intelligent) npc's, quests, player housing, oppurtunities to save items with skills and storage systems, free newbie teleportation, efficient pk control system, and a whole host of other great things that make this a truly unique and fun mud.

Try it, you won't be disappointed.

~Clavicus Vile~