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Reviews Section
Tsunami by Windlor/Tashibana

Tsunami is:
1) Unique
2) Competitive
3) Very tolerant in freedoms
4) Can satisfy the needs/wants of any mudder

First of all, like the previous reviewers have stated, Tsunami is quite different from the ordinary fighter/paladin/cleric/thief what-have-you generic mud.  True, there are 8 billion subclasses and races to choose from, each having their strengths, weaknesses, or balances, along with 8 gazillion different skills, prayers, songs, and spells...but it is the way Tsunami is structured by the admin that makes it unique.

It was the competitive-ness of this mud that kept driving me back and back again to play it over and over again.  Did I lose sleep some nights, because I was thinking how great it would be to have a Microbe-mancer, or to bring back Templars?  A few times.  But I think all of the old players in this mud will agree with me that it was the competition between players that made this mud so exciting and fun.  From one on one battles in the arena (which are for free), to guild racing (competing for exp bonus), to PKing, or to Wars, it was all about the better player.  

It was the wars where I was able to single-handedly defeat a chaosmage, two trolls, a gremlin, a green dragon, a knight, and one other dude, etc. etc. with my thief that had me sweating for half an hour straight.  It was the PK fights against Neragus & Georgios (huge-ass evoker and pyromancer) with my paladin and samurai that lasted for sometimes over an hour and being defeated over and over again by them that kept me going.  And I can't tell you awesome it is to finally vanquish a better opponent, or to barely defeat a worthy foe in war, or to team up with an old mud friend in war and have everyone gang you and still live to see the end of the war.  Oh...and by the way...that first skull pic is a kicker ;)

But that's not the only thing I noticed that's different about Tsunami.  Unlike some other muds, the wizards (immortals) are extremely easy to approach (unless they're busy or idling =P).  They are willing to answer your questions (provided you don't be a jackass about it, but that's just common courtesy), help you with bugs, discuss issues of balance with you, or even just chat.  Not only that, but there is very little censorship here.  While freedom of speech is quite tolerated here, some freedoms can indeed be abused.  Ideas are freely tossed around here, as well as flaming (only if it is posted or said in the flame board/channel), whatever's on your mind.

Lastly, this mud is not only for those who seek strong competition, and a very adaptable, changing, full of freedoms, mud, but that those who merely wish to chat, or quest, or explore the mud, or raise as many subclasses to hero level as you can, are satisfied here too.  Streak for one, (one of the reviewers) is well-known to log in and chill in his house for several boots.  Then there's Deathflame & Caracarnn, the only two to have ever completed the Leng quest (those losers ;D).  Neragus is pretty sick too on the other hand for his intensive knowledge of the mud (I thought I was an avid explorer...dayam this guy is the most resourceful mudder I've ever seen!), and for having raised so many hero's in so many subclasses.  And I could go on, and on...

But I'm not.  Just in conclusion, Tsunami rocks =)  Just remember it's just a game, otherwise you're gonna end up like Xbering and me ;), and quite a few other mudders on Tsunami, heh!