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Reviews Section
Tsunami by fragbait

I got involved in Tsu 5 or years ago, and chose it because it was on port 23, which was the only port my university firewall would let telnet work on :)

A group of friends noticed and copied my timewasting behavior and before we knew it we were addicted to a new and exciting culture: Mudding! We raised as a team to back each other up, and it being the bad old days that it was, usually got pked all over the place. After a few months, we learned to run away. After a few more months, we learned to fight back. Several of us became wizards and started coding for the mud.

Why should you play Tsunami and not some other mud? We do have the occaisional "antisocial" player - ok, we have a few of them - who would sooner rather kill you than look at you. And their are theives around the place too, who you will only know about because you suddenly no longer have any money on you. Chaosmages rip the fabric of reality asunder, and Ninjas assassinate with poison. But all of this adds an extra dimension fo excitement to the game! There are loads of area to explore, each rich in texture and mostly with a bit of dry humor.

Currently Tsunami is being made more newbie friendly, so "basic things" are being taught (instead of learned by trial and error). There's never been a better time to drop in and give us a try!