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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Richard

I have played avater over 5 years. At first the game is great nice players, leveling a good amount, and just having a good time. That happens for the first 50 levels of the game. THen the bad things happen you notice that the immortals of the game dont really care for players feelings any more. It feels like they know you are hooked in and so dont care anymore.  I saw for the first year great people to level with and boy was it fun.  But immortals started thinking since they are immortals player feelings dont matter.  Well this change when the mud went down for 4 + months. Now that was fun because they were nice because they wanted your money.  Once the Game was up and running again it went back to normal and even worse because we paid for the game and the immortals started making changes that really pissed off players.  Immortals on the game are okay as long as you kiss up if you dont do that hey good luck just like me.  DOnt play the game for fun just play it is what I now say. Shrug bad review should happen like good reviews. But reviews from the immortals saying how good that game is wrong. That is not the real review they dont play the game they just torture the players and lay wealth on the lucky ones.