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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Allanah

As is visible by my email address, I was once a member of the staff on Star Wars: Shattered Equinox. I was there the day the server came online, but only as a mortal. I stayed there and chatted with the builders, tested, did whatever to keep everyone going. I was absolutely psyched about SWSE opening because I know it has the potential to be the very best in existance, with the help of the SWRiP code by Darrik. After the opening of the MUD, I was eventually hired as a builder/PR mortal. I helped take some of the load off of Caspian, who was coding 24/7, as well as touch up a few areas. After awhile, I was promoted to a head administrator. I served as a head administrator for quite some time, until recently. The mind behind SWRiP, Darrik, is also a 101 imm trusted to 104 on SWSE. Despite his actual rank denoting him below the builders, he believes he has authority and chooses to excercise it, even when he is stepping far beyond his jurisdiction. In the most recent incident, his mortal made the careless mistake of leaving the Imperial SSD in orbit over Kuat, and it was destroyed during the night by pirates. Darrik logged on and immediately restored the SSD to Imperial ownership, claiming it got there via some bug in the space code. This, obviously, was bullshit. But, because I am an admin who believes in adhering to the rules, I refused to make a final decision on the matter because my mortal was involved in the situation. Pfalt lied to the admin and got away with it because he is Darrik. The other admin were either too scared or too friendly with Darrik or kissing his butt, but they refused to change what was so obviously wrong. (It should also be noted that one of the admin supporting Darrik, Vorian, had an Imperial mortal) So, I refused to participate in an Immortal staff which would harbor and condone this sort of thing. It should furthermore be noted that I am the third Immortal to leave holding atleast a Head Administrator rank. The others had issues with Caspian, I on the other hand feel Caspian is an excellent IMP, but fails to grant his admin the power necessary to handle cases such as Pfalt. Caspian has also recently been absent due to him moving, his absence is what forced me to leave in the end...because I had no one left to turn to. Star Wars: Shattered Equinox still has the potential to be the absolute best SWR on the internet, but as long as Immortals such as Darrik and cheating are tolerated, it is destined to failure.