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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Krystal

I beleive both kyandra and richard are right. but you should ask low heroes with no high lords like kyandra because hey if they say a bad review guess who gets their pfile purge. I have played a long time ever since I was in junior high. Yes it is like regular life but this is a fantasy game. They do put in new things but sometimes they remove more good things than the put in. One bug as they call it was in the Game since the beginning and was a foundation for the game. THey say it was so that people level slower. That is just like putting a barrier between the rich (lords) and the poor (newbies) the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  The Lords already got great gear for all their alts so that they can level quite fast. Lord alts at least some do have imm quest weapons that lowbie will never get because we do not suck up. Hey I love the game but this game is a game that the players have now payed for. THey dont take vote to see what to remove and what to stay. Hey they work on it and make it crash sometimes and then dont help the people who lost gear because of the crash.  THis game has good points but it should have the players making the changes not someone that doesnt play the game so if you come to this game it is under tyrannical rule. Sorry I cant use my real name on the game immortals would erase my pfiles if they found out. But hey at least some people are doing bad reviews because you should show the honey and the vinegar not what the immortals want which is all honey and no bad points until you are hooked.