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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by gothmog

to be honest i tried it with 3 different characters.
yes the people on it our helpful,and the design is not actually pretty enjoyable,except for a few problems or things i did not like.

1) when you flee you lose xp which is sort of okay except when the mob follows you and causes you to flee till you die. duirng one such stretch out of
the 110k xp i had at start i lost 50k.
in other words 2 days of xp gone.

2) when you die, your body stays at spot
so you have to go back and get it unless, you somehow out of the rules on death figured out how to get it back.if your have link prob your screwed because it only stays there like 20 min.

3) selling of eq is hard because the code only supports one item of a kind in the shop.

4) the color is very bad, dark blue on black.

5) you have to identify the monsters, consider is you have to buy lots of id scrolls.

6)i had a sor tof necromancer, and its first attack was a ROOM you look cast spell and PRAY nothing walks in from the time you start to cast till time spell goes off.

7) one battle i attacked a mob i was killing left and right, all of a sudden i could not hit it.found out mv is used for attacks and i had ran out of mv.

8)they have recall scrolls,if you use them in battle you lose xp wether they work or not.

basically the mud operates on the punishment system. you mess up we punish you.the xp for flee is for the most part more than what you get for killing the mob.and death is so ridiculus exp xp wise.

the help death needs better work to explain how you can get corpse . they need to take away less xp for fleeeing and prohibit the mob from following you for a few secs so you have time to do something besides watch it come in and cream you. they need to check mob level and character level and if its aggro and higher level don't take xp unless they attacked it,since there zones are like 5-20 and they are all mixed you don't walk in a room and lose 40k xp because an aggro mob killed you.

i will say i did get a lot of help from players.wish the game was half as friendly.