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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Anonymous

I am a lord alt on avatar(lord curently being the highest playable tier) and while I love Avatar very much for the MUD it is, I also hate it for not being the MUD it once was. These changes are mostly recent. The 'bugs' that have recently been found, the immortal attitude vs. the players "Hey, if you don't like what we're doing, you can leave?" To some this is a second home. Asking us to just drop and leave because you are putting in your/staff's idea that 75% of the players disagree with? Why bother changing something in a game when the players don't want it. Obviously this will upset the players, and at least somewhat, in less extreme cases, break their liking for the staff. A review mentioned newbie friendly: Very very true, if your looking for a newbie friendly MUD with lots of help, avatar is your spot:) You'll breeze thruogh the first 30 levels recieving lots of guidance and learning they game as you play. But do you think this has anything to do with the staff? Hardly. The avatar players are the cause for all of this help. So I guess in a final point, Avatar is still fun, but if upcoming changes mirror recent previous changes, I'd not get comfortable, you may find your self in search of a NEW home. Thats all, Continue on.