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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Raven (Immortal)

Avatar is the most dynamic, sophisticated, and complex "World" I've ever had the pleasure of sojourning in. Just when I think I've figured everything out, some aspect of the game is enhanced and I have to adjust the way I think (and play) to accommodate the new paradigm (DOH!, Kinda like real life, only with swords, bloody companions, big hairy monsters, and enough mortal / IMMortal surprises to keep me on the edge of my keyboard!).

We normally have well over 100 players at any given time, and this rowdy and adventuresome bunch is quietly thrilled with the breadth of game variety, stability, and hack 'n slash fun. Just recently we've had a vocal few (who characterize themselves as the Voice Of The Masses, and representative of the entire player base) who are disenchanted (ewww, bad pun) with some changes in game mechanics. In point of fact, the changes range from bug fixes to integral game-balance modifications that are beneficial and admittedly challenging, AND these players merely represent a fractional faction that invariably wail when change (and yes, Virginia.. ALL change is painful if you've become so ingrained (indoctrinated? brain-washed?) that you've lost any degree of flexibility or appreciation for the challenge of the game) occurs.

So, c'mon over to Avatar and see what all the hubbub is about! Get lost in our 12,716 rooms, fight our 5,393 mobs, join a group or solo a bit and form your own opinions. I guarantee you this: you will NOT have to worry about falling asleep from boredom.