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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Psektos

Greetings young soul, so you wish to venture forth into the harsh deserts of Zalanthas?

Yes my Lord, I do. I tire of the monotony of hacking and slashing and gaining ranks within a thankless faceless guild.

Ah, you have come to the right place young one but beware the sun itself in Zalanthas can take your very life if you are hasty or unwary.

Yes, yes, but tell me, how does one develop oneself?

Slowly young one, this is not a race to attain the best ability or gear instead it is a careful climb of the perilous cliff to attain some simple semblence of being self sufficient. Your path will not be always clear and have many unforseen happenings.

Ah, so I must work harder than ever before to attain.... what ... what is it that I seek to attain...???

Muwahahaha.. your freedom fool.. your Freedom!!

***Play a character starting in Allanak for you beginners. Find the Gaj using "help map" and then begin your journey into roleplaying fulfillment***