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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Darrik Vequir

SE has indeed had many changes in top administrators, and I will tell you why.  Despite being a 104, the administrators were not given the ability to work on their own while Caspian was available.  Caspian has tried to take the whole responsibility for running the mud on himself, which I think is a good thing; however, when administators protest Caspian's decisions and Caspian refuses to change his mind, the 104s tend to get fed up and leave.  Sonja, unfortunately, quit because Caspian made an ill-advised comment about the US WTC attack.  Corran left because he believed Caspian made a bad decision in firing a builder that was caught cheating ( a friend of his ).  Allanah left for reasons below.  Despite this high turnover rate, SE is still a great environment to play on, and I highly advise it for the same reasons I advised it in my previous post.  

In regards to the previous post, what Allanah forgot to mention is that Martin, one of the other 104s left in charge along with Allanah, watched Pfalt take the SSD back to Bastion, after destroying Kirlaa (Allanah's mort )'s ship, which was found while Martin watched to verify its legality. I then went to work, and Pfalt did not log back in until two hours after Kirlaa destroyed the SSD.  The other two who had access, Vorian's mort and an ex-builder, did not touch it.  Goto had recently been added to the commands logged, and a goto was logged for Allanah to the SSD's cockpit 10 minutes before it was destroyed. Being as there was no way it could have gotten over Kuat legally, and that suspicious log entry, it was restored with the permission of Martin.

Unfortunately, Allanah decided to leave soon after this, when her mort was killed.  It seems she had trouble believing Pfalt did not cheat, which has always been a frequent problem, even on RiP.  Pfalt hasn't even gotten a pkill on SE, but he still gets accused of cheating.  This has caused me to completely stop playing him.

I had hoped to be able to play SE without problems, but that didn't happen.  I had a bit of a personality conflict with Allanah from soon after one of her mortals started pirating ( and killing ).  Since I have little direct power, my conflicts tended to be in the form of verbal comments, most rather blunt, especially when RP was twisted unrecognizably to suit her needs.  These conflicts are the core of the 'believes he has authority' comment.  

As to the immortals on SE tending to give weight to my words, why shouldn't they? I had several friends who ran Sote, Dark Horizon, and others that I certainly listened to when they offered advice.  I ran RiP for 2 years, and I do tend to come up with good advice sometimes, and I believe it is the main reason for why I'm a 101 there, helping Caspian come up with efficent ways to design his code.

Good luck, and feel free to check SE out, since the 'cheater Pfalt' no longer plays.

Darrik Vequir