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Reviews Section
Midnight Sun by Elvira

First of all some basic information:

Midnight Sun is medieval fantasy with somewhat classic
guilds/classes (sorcerers, druids, priests, lycanthropes,
war monks, blademasters) Each guild is very specific in
its skills and many of them have some additional
subclasses, guild levels or another ways how to be even
more unique person.

There is party hunt ability, at the rank of lord/lady you
can own your house with various improvements. By solving
various challenges you can get additional (and permamnent)
rewards - bonus channel, accessibility to special areas
or global emote for example.
Midnight Sun is not pk mud but you can still test your
skills in the arena created for it.

However what I like most on this game and what is the
reason why I have spent almost 8000 hours there is the
real atmosphere and something truly magic inside. You
can hunt and raise easilly, but you also have to think
a lot if you want to get the most from your skills and
become the "legend".

There is also ultimate freedom of what to do. Midnight
Sun offers over 50 "official" quests from the very simple
ones to extremely complex.
However you never need to solve them to advance
further, it's completely up to you. Your total exp
is something like quest_exp*combat_exp so solving
of the quests will help to your advance (especially if
your combat experience is already high) but there is no
need to do it if you don't want to.

Additionaly to this MS offers dozens of "mini" quests
and secrets which usually lead to great rewards.
(Btw. note those quotes around the word mini, because
some of them are not quite smaller than the "official"

What I like on MS policy is the rule to have as little
numbers as possible in the game. You never do 50hp
damage, you never wear +10AC armour. Personally I
never liked this exact math. In Midnight Sun you
must evaluate the items by yourself.
Instead of doing xx hp damage you graze, hit, smash,
massacre etc.
You never wear armour with xx AC but if one has the
description "thin leather shirt" and the another is
made from hardened steel you can be pretty sure
which one is better don't you? ;-)

Finally the wizarhood - There is no fixed admin on
MS who rules all. We have several wizard levels and
you advance as you code for the mud. There is no
limit how far you can get. Most of our all-mighty
admins are former players who were puny level 1
strangers just like everyone else.

There would be a lot lot more to tell you about
this beautiful game but I'm going to wield
the awesome Death Black Demon Blade. ;-) I can't
waste my Midnight Sun time more.

See you in our realms, you'll not regret it.

Elvira the supra-genius Archmage