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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Ethan Hussong

Avatar MUD has always offered its players the same thing: levels. It has gained its fame as a hack 'n slash mud, and continues to be only that. While the spells are almost all geared towards helping you gain levels by protecting your or smashing other people (directly or indirectly) there is little to no substance to the spell list. With only a few race/class combinations to enjoy, some of the more entertaining ones of old were removed (rangers and martial artists) they have been supossedly replaced with better ones that fit in more (archers and the very very rare sorcerer that only comes at a high price). The game is great if you're looking for innocence, but if you're looking for anything dynamic and entertaining I would advise going somewhere else. The classes have been virtually the same, and the most recent change that the game has seen to have a large impact in years was removed because it made things too much of a hassle. There was little to no testing done before submitting the change to players, whereupon they all went out and learned new skills to counter them, just to find out that they would be removed weeks later. Once you hit level 101 hero you have all the non-class defining skills of the other classes, so for the next 899 levels it is pure boredom of increasing nothing but your statistics. After you hit those levels you hit another 999 levels of shear boredom, where you find it difficult to level outside of the extremely rare HOGathons. All in all, the mud is great if you're looking for a mud to learn how to mud, complete and total innocence, and 3097 levels of hack 'n slash. If you're looking for any sort of worthwhile PK, a dynamic world with more zones being added, inspired builders, down to Earth IMMortals, an in-depth spell list, original classes, origional races, origional zones, or any sort of fun after you hit the first 151 levels, then Avatar may not be the place for you.