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Reviews Section
Discworld by Sympath d'Idiot

I LOVE this MUD. The thing that really attracts DiscWorld to me, and I would expect, the majority of the players, is that it's absolutely hilarious! The humour from Pinkfish is sublime, but a lot of the people who're online are very very funny. By looking at some of the quotes pages, and knowing some of the characters of the people, you begin to chuckle at almost anything said. There is a lot of people too, and a great interaction medium which is miles ahead of other MUDs, in particular Realms. The playing system, the only negative point, is quite inhibitive to first time MUDders, and a lot of the older players are quite frosty towards the ignorants. However, I find the experience system and scores system quite fascinating. It also helps that the world and names of places were originally invisaged by Pterry. The 100-odd creators, roughly 3% of the playing population, don't have such a hard job, but acquit themselves magnificantly. Some of the areas, in the GIGANTIC world (and it is huge, believe me I find little places all the time) are sublimely coded. The room chats are very good, often hilarious. The battle system can be a downside, with the strengths of the attacks quite confusing (I mean, which is better, fillet or kebab). The quest system is a strength yet also a weakness. A while ago, quest sites were put up of the web, offering solutions. Sadly, these quests no longer carry the rewards, nor the satisfaction, but some can be quite good. All in all, the MUD is very funny and a sheer pleasure to play.