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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Krugar

Realms of Despair consumed about all my mud experience. But I have little good to say about it.

On this mud you are allowed to multiplay with all the whistles and bells. You can have more than one char logged in, exchange equipment, use higher level chars to level lower level ones... alas! The perfect environment from a mindless host of characters to take out the few levelling areas of the game from the solo players who are just now starting this game. Seniority is a status.

Bots are not allowed according to rules and laws. But bots there are. Bots that cast a host of spells on you so that your 1st level character can reach avatar level in 48 hours... if you add that to the fact you probably already have one, two, three or 20 avatars... and the game is all about numbers. No RPG, no feeling of acomplishment. Do a quick list of players online and check their levels. >80% are avatars. The 20% who are not are mostly owned by avatars.

You are allowed to share characters on this mud. As such, some players charge you (mud money) so that they level up your character(s) while you eat popcorns.

Once you reach avatar. The (un)fun is not over. This mud was made for avatar level in that supposedly the fun was about to really start. Not that bad. But...

This mud has politics. Some immortals bend the rules and give favors to those players they befriended with. Some players themselves go to the point of publicly bragging these "rights". The helpful newbie attitude you surely experienced during your first attempts at this mud (truth be told. they are friendly towards newbies) dissapears once you reach avatar. If you are not one of the elected, you are down to a middle-class type of status where you converse with the other "losers" and get ignored by the upper-class stuckups. And this is mostly seen when party runs are about to take place. Where we see always the same doing the same runs and having 20, 30, 40 sets of the same ubber expensive equipment on their stash while all others suck their thumbs. Oh! And by the way. They say we could go there ourselves if we wish. Why don't we? Well... for a start we aren't equipped to deal with those mobs. We have no backup sets in case we die in places where we can't do a CR. We never went there. We don't even know directions or how to pass over stupid riddles like a stone wall with no writtings, nothing indicating that this is even a riddle but where the only command word to pass over is "I come to this be" (not a real case. An example). We were never invited to go with you or even answered when we asked.

Alas! Fun for some. A real pain for others. It all depends on how many boots you feel like... you know.