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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Jazuela

Well I had an update review since my first one, but it got lost in the site crash. So here's another update on my opinion of Arm:

First, the bad. Most of the rooms are still flat and lack interactive objects that correspond to the room's description. As before, it's a personal pet peeve of mine, coming from a game that *required* builders to include corresponding objects.

The duplication of rooms on city blocks is still annoying to me, but not enough to rate the game poorly. It's more of a minor itch in my anal retentive sensitivities and not a full-fledged hemmorhoid <g>

They close on Saturdays for maintenence. It's bad only because I love looking forward to relaxing on a Saturday and gaming. It's good because it gives the staff time to dedicate themselves to the mechanics of the game without interference from players.

Now for the good:

I am constantly, and consistantly amazed by the quality of roleplay. I credit the players first of all because it's them who bring the world to life. But it's also because of the staff, who take such GREAT care in maintaining the integrity of the game that there's no way it will ever turn into yet another "RP-encouraged" mud.

I've had wonderful experiences with the staff when I had questions or needed advice or even just wanted to send a "Hey these people are awesome and I wanted to let you all know!" note.

Once in awhile their responses are slow in coming, and at early hours it's usually hard to find someone on staff present in the game. When something important happens though, such as a game crash resulting in the loss of all your stuff, they're more than happy to help you.

One of the things I like best from the OOC side of things, is that the staff are eager to hear ideas and submissions for new things. We get a weekly newsletter after they shut on Saturdays for maintenence telling us what they've done during that day, who submitted the idea for it to get done, and who made the change. It's wonderful to see so many things the staff AND players get involved in to add to the depth of the world of Zanthalas.

I guess this is wordy enough, so I'll end it here.