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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by Alzhayad

Well, it's half a year now since my latest review, and Dawn is still up and running...

Half a year since the last review - is Dawn stagnating perhaps? From my personal (vast) experience, it is as alive as ever.
There is no week without beig changes and news on their way, and the big immortal staff is active and coding/putting in quite some nice additions nearly on a daily basis.

I could perhaps once again list the facts why I think that Dawn is competitive with any other MUD in existence, but seeing that the facts about Dawn did not change - come and see for yourself. A newbie-friendly playing environment, newbie area that explains the principles of MUDding and the underlying codebase, a complex character building system with breathtaking variety, a detailed clanrelation system, mortal laws and and and...this is the stuff that makes Dawn of the ages so intriguing and refreshing.

You are still here? Go and check Dawn out now! What are you waiting for? *veg*

Alzhayad, immo of Dawn of the Ages