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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Devil'sAdvocate


Character Creation:

Very in depth character creation from a roleplaying perspective but from a character’s skills and abilities creation is extremely limited.  New players have to set up an account, and then create within the strict parameters set out in the documentation online and further developed on the webpage. Character choices are severely restricted at first with respect to race and class though all subclass options are available. This form of character creation is so complex that it may deter new players from going further than the account creation step.

Playing in Armageddon:

Nothing tangible to keep a new player going with respect to development of skills or abilities.  Strict roleplaying rules can stifle a player's creativity since conforming is a must in order to thrive. Add to that the fact that there are so few choices available to a new player it is a further hindrance to gathering new players.  Immortals that may have several plots in the works but never seem to forward them on regular basis so that a new player could at least catch a hint of it. Couple that with the fact that veteran players seem to run in their own cliques it makes for a very daunting atmosphere for a new player. The final problem is that permanent death removes a new player’s ability to truly explore the world and acclimatize themselves.


Depth is subjective, especially for a new player. Nothing that draws a new player into current plots and of any epic plots can be seen. That is not to say there are none but without some Immortal interaction moving a plot forward in such a manner that the players can see it becomes very hard to get into playing a role in Armageddon.  Steep learning curves with respect to surviving and skill develop also applies to roleplaying since the documentation for many of the clans is locked. A lack of two or more powerful factions in the world makes for a complacent game that can regress into a monotonous routine of doing the basics to survive. A defined source of conflict between two or more central powers would provide players an avenue to explore rather than the mundane status quo.

Roleplaying within a clan or House is well done with respect to emoting and staying in character but again there is a huge lack of depth. Characters seem to have their private plots and petty likes and dislikes but for depth there is nothing tangible that a new player can sense or get involved in. If a person is looking to develop their ability to include emoting in their roleplaying Armageddon does a very good job of that.

Character Development:

Skills and abilities have very few avenues to be developed and in most cases they are almost lethal. With permanent death being a feature in Armageddon that makes for a very trying time for a character who wants to be at least slightly proficient in their skills. The world itself is lethal in many aspects since characters are still started off relatively inept with no safe avenue to develop them. Open player killing further reduces a new player’s ability to function within the world.


Overall I would have to say Armageddon is a very advanced player’s game. Where a player who has the time and patience can further themselves whereas those wanting a game to pass a couple hours a day or a week would be better off spending it elsewhere. Also the low player count relative to the size of the world is a rather large drawback since there is not very many avenues for a solitary player to explore.


New Players 3.5
Veterans 6.5
Dedicated Role Players 9.0