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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Jenred

Armageddon Mud
This great mud is about as addictive as they come. But it can get tedious, and there is plenty of off time for rest. I play this mud a great deal, along with another mud when I need a break from the harsh reality of the desert world of Zalanthas.

The mud has the most awesome, wonderful, super-fantastic rping in teh world. It is enforced, but with the people and the experience it could be optional and the people would do a great job.

Their creative emote and thinking system allows for people to add emotes into nearly every action. From fighting, to merely taking a drink of ale.

There are many classes and guilds to choose from, and the harsh style keeps you coming back for more with each death.

The players are helpful... if you find the right people to ask, And the staff is always willing to help a good person in need.

The world is large, and all original. Even the style of play and type of things to do are mostly original.

This mud has been around for quite some time, and each and every saturday it takes another step towards improvement.

A unique 'Karma' system allows the Imms to award and commend those that role-play well, and help breathe life into the mud, ingame and out.

The staff and players are by far the most commited I have seen, doing all they can to keep up their mud, and meet regularly in annual player meetings, and other fun stuff.

I cant stress enough the fun and uniquely addicting style of this game, so I must urge you to come play. But be warned, this is no place for the weak. :)

Armageddon mud.
port: 4050