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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Eternal

The Concise Review:

OtherSpace is a well-written story.  It is supported by a simply amazing community of dedicated players who are receptive to new players and willing to aid Guests in all that they can.  It is a bit MUSHy for my tastes, but I quickly learned that hard-code is not necessary for a good roleplaying experience.  I do not agree with many of the players of OtherSpace who believe that hard-code detracts from roleplaying, *grin* but their own form has it's definite advantages as well.  The world is amazingly well-developed with subtle interactions I know that I have barely begun to scratch the surface of.  That said, the playerbase never made me feel out of my league, and went out of their way to aid me in any questions that I had.

Play by Play Review of A Roleplayer's First Trip To Otherspace:

Stardate 0.0000-
Becoming somewhat bored in my usual rp-enforced game, I'm not a big fan of solo-rp or sitting around practicing my skills because there's nothing better to do.  Decided to check for another rp environment to fill the hours I tend to spend in practice/forage/craft mode on the first.

Stardate 0.0001-
Checked the thread on Invitations.  Became quite interested in Greensleeves's post about Modern Vollistans.  Having heard a fair bit about Otherspace, decided to go to their webpage and learn everything I could about this race and it's culture/society/history.  Had some questions, decided to log on and check the news files.

Stardate 0.001-
Logged on and was warmly greeted... this surprised me greatly as I am not used to rp-enforced games having public channels and ooc areas.  Dropped a line on the newbie channel that I was responding to the Invitation, and was reading news files.  Lots of people offered to help answer any questions I had, and I slowly began to open up and ask silly things like "Do Vollistans have gender?".

Stardate 0.005-
Began to realize that an OOC area for a roleplaying game is a -good- idea.  Learned much about the game from simply listening to the newbie and public channels while I was reading help/news/forum/survivor's guide files.  The other players were most attentive and seemed glad to have me aboard.

Stardate 1.000-
The birth of my character.  I was still quite amazed at the wealth of information out there, and realized that my character belongs to a xenophobic-technophobic race... which helps to explain a lot of my own lack of knowledge in game, go Nick!  No sooner had I applied for the character and asked how long approval usually takes than Brody popped me an approval.

Stardate 1.50-
Sat around in the ooc room for a good bit just listening to the channels and reading help files.  Decided that since I was responding to an invitation, I should talk to the RP Admin in charge of that situation before entering the world.

Stardate 2.00-
Luke (Volskywalker) appears, helps answer some syntax questions and background questions that I had not yet been clear on.  Treats me like I belong, and just generally makes me want to get right into the world feet first.

Stardate 3.00-
Role-played a most enjoyable situation with one of Luke's characters.  My character becomes engrossed in the world and begins finding himself learning new things every moment.  The long emote/poses and speeches tend to throw me off a bit, but I think I recovered nicely.

Stardate 4.00-
Ended session and logged off.  A good feeling and sense of community has been built, and I will most definately return for more.