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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Dizzy

Disclaimer:  I am a proud Avatar IMMortal.  These observations are my own, and are based on at least 2500 years (er, Internet Years, that is) of mudding experience, sugar induced hysteria, and repeated application of Rogaine on my palms... which, of course, certainly shades my opinions.
Reality check? Ummm, no thanks... As a subset of the game, Avatar MUD ( 3000) encompasses enough detailed granularity to satisfy Dr. Einstein's concept of the perfectly ordered universe, and Dr. Frankenstein's penchant for creating a cohesive "whole" out of a puzzle maker's assortment.  Provided, of course, that the universe was predicated on steroid enhanced, gene spliced, mutant Chaos Theory.... as a starting point.  Yes, Avatar is THAT large and THAT startling.  Sophisticated without senseless complexity, challenging without being brutally difficult, endlessly diverse, tremendously fun, and rewarding on every level of game play.

Speaking of levels, the game isn't just about 'em (an attribute that is better experienced than described).  But, if you're the guts 'n glory PowerMudding type; you will definitely find your niche at Avatar.  We offer three distinct (and wildly divergent) philosophies of game play:  

-  Low Mortal:  This class of player is comprised of levels 1-50.  Its where everyone enters the game, and where you begin to gather equipment that enhances your skills, racial attributes, and chosen profession.  Its also where you learn to navigate through our gigantic world (over 200 areas comprised of nearly 13,000 rooms, and almost all of them are unique to Avatar), make friends, and earn the trust of your comrades.

-  Hero's:  They are empowered to challenge ever larger and more megalomaniacal mobs (3 "M's: in a row!).  So vast is the number of skills/spells in a Hero's repertoire, that the level band extends from 51 to 999.  You'll go places that defy imagination, vanquish foes unknown on any other plane of existence, make the best friends you've ever known, and have the time of you life doing it!

-  Lords:  Lords truly transcend the mortal plane.  Literally.  Upon achieving this hallmark, you are forever changed in ways that are mystical, tangible, and obscenely powerful.  You'll travel differently, work with your fellow Lords in ways that are different than on any other MUD, and earn special abilities that are unavailable to any other race, class, or level in the game.  Game play is so exciting that our Lords speak of their sojourn as addictive.  Personally, I speak of it as "disciplined insanity".

Why would anyone settle for dull monochromatic reality when Avatar MUD offers life as an Archer Centaur, a Monk Dragon, a Cleric Troll, or dozens of other creative and gritty characters?  Without defining "gritty" (we'll leave that up to your imagination), I did want to distinguish between Lava Soap (with Pumice!) and this distinguishing characteristic.  Want s'more?  Come on over to 3000 and let the adrenalin flow....

--Dizzy (IMMortal of Avatar since Noah was a Cabin Boy)