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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Snikt - Kevin Jagh

It's me again, I really don't want to turn this review page into an arguing
message board so this will be the last one for me.  I would just like to point out
a few things on that last review by Reuben.
* I'll do some pointing out also, as Imp.

game, often if you try to talk about recent subjects in the news imms will tell
you to keep silence due to they are afraid it may spark something.  This is a
* Arguing about politics, religion and/or what you drank last night tends
* to get squelched to the the very direction these conversations take.
* However, feel free to discuss within a room, group or tells anything you
* like.

So the imms agree, that the quests are pointless, most of the time you get a
* ???
* I don't remember ever getting mail from you proposing your exciting
* ideas. I disagree with your statement as QuestMaster frequently has
* to apply limits to awards from exuberant staff. ;)

instances...If you witness an immortal acting unethically, the implementers
would like to know.  There is an outlet for players.  A formal complaint may be
This qoute is the most interesting of the most.  For the instances I've seen have
been done by the higher level imms, I prefer not to say who.  But then you say
* Then you compound and continue the problem.

email them about it if you see it happening, that seems to say, if you see the
mafia doing something wrong, go tell them about it.  If you see one of the
highest of the imms do something unethical, and it goes against policy, who do
you tell?  You can't tell anyone because by then they will have you jailed and
* Cite examples instead of just flaming.

sitebanned.  This is Reuben's sugar coated reason for anything the imms do
against policy,  "Immortals are human."  this is true indeed but even though they
are human doesn't mean they should kill someone and take their gear for not
doing something like apologizing to an imm.
* I expect the staff to be at all times treated with respect. If they staff upsets
* your value system in some way, you can respectfully discuss it with them
* and/or you may mail me or the Exec Team directly. Honestly, most of our
* problem players have issues because they fail to follow this one simple
* rule, and feel they have a god-given right to throw a tantrum when they
* are slighted. Explain to me how this rule that I impose to allow you to
* play here freely is so constrictive and/or unfair?

"..There are only 2 classes in the game worth playing.."
* Imho I would reduce the entire system to casters and hitters and then
* subclass from there. However, in this rare instance I sway to the majority,
* including staff and players, and continue to allow development on our
* multitude of classes and races. Although I'm sure YOU feel there are
* only 2 worth playing, I would say that 14,000+ other people seem
* to disagree with you.

In my final argument people may say, if he thinks the mud is horrible, why did he
play for 2 years?  My response to that is, I indeed thought the game was fun
untill midway through my hero levels, many of my alts were treated unfairly by
imms, I seen too many undeserving people get rewards for nothing, and I
realized the fact remains that the imms, highest power in the realm of avatar,
enjoy being Imms because the way that everyone on the mud sucks up to them.
That is all, take it or leave it.
* I leave it (excepting your first statement as follows…)
* What tier you enjoy playing is constantly mutable and a personally
* subjective choice, so I certainly can't argue with you. However, again I'll
* point out that the world doesn't consist of you, and that may others enjoy
* lowmort, hero, lord, angels, or staffing.
* Although you claim unfair treatment, I don't remember email to appeal,
* exec and/or myself from Finkledinkle. Therefore, you either weren't all
* that unfairly treated as you didn't bring it before one of those authories,
* or you, like so many other HMPs (high maintanence players), decided
* that you alone have the right to break the rules and take disputes into
* your own hands. Either way, the responsibility lies with you child,
* not with my staff.
* Again, undeserving awards, but to a vague "people". Cite examples so
* that I can investigate, and correct if necessary. Note that I don't state
* that I'll explain, as it's none of your business as long as I'm being
* fair to both parties.
* Lastly, I HATE it when people suck up to me. Some personalities are
* drawn to the inherent bragging rights of being on the staff of one of
* the biggest and best muds in history, but we work very hard (via our
* admin system of status reports and mentoring) to ensure that this type
* of personality is discouraged. Imho, Imms enjoy being Imms because
* this is a damn good mud, with a huge and interactive playerbase, and
* because our design team continues to churn out excellence.
* Course this is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

George Finkledinkle.

P.S.  Lets try not to chop up this message like the last one and decipher it
ending up only in pointless jargon that was totally irrelative to my quotes.  I
understand as imms you have a reputation to keep, but don't feed the people
"cut and paste" quotes that they have heard a thousand times about this mud,
let them have the experiance, heck maybe they'll have more fun than I had, or
maybe they'll end up in the same boat i did.
* Then state specifics that I can address, instead of vague, pointless whining
* about how unfair the world is… I can take action on constructive and
* well-thought out arguments much easier than vague "your mud sucks!"
* commentary. ;)
* As far as letting them have the experience, gee, thanks dude, what great
* advice. No need to be so obvious.

*Snikt - Implementor