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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Niki

I have been at this MUD for 4 years, and in this time I have not found another MUD that could compete for my interest for more than a month or two.

It is a newbie friendly MUD, which is enforced. There is no swearing on public channels (although you can swear privately with friends if they consent). And the annoying newbies who only come on to MUDs to make a ruckus -- they are dealt with quickly. This MUD hosts people of all ages -- I think I've seen 7 year olds around. Our youngest Lord is 12. And many, many countries are represented.

One disadvantage I see to this MUD is the lack of multi-play, although that has not been around since I started here. Sometimes it is discouraging, but I understand the IMMs' position on removing it, because it forces you to group with people who might in the future become your close friends, increasing the social atmosphere.

Currently both the IMMs and the playerbase is trying to balance the power that the Lords (as the highest current tier) have over the Low Morts and Heroes, i.e., with spellups and gear grabbing. There might come a time when this power will be completely cut off, although it is not in as a permanent feature right now (I'm not sure if it will be in the future). It does make the game easier (although most defintly not easy, mind you), when you have spellups and the ability to grab gear with higher alts. However, I have found that most new players generally don't enjoy this "perk" until after they have already heroed at least one character, and made close friends. And it is /very/ simple to refuse spellups/gear from higher alts who just want to be nice, I know many, many players who are very independent of higher tier help. I myself didn't have any to speak of with my first character.

This MUD is quite newbie friendly. There are over 100+ on daily, and your questions are always answered. But, as always, some of the classes/races are harder than others, so play careful attention to those that have an * by them in creation. You probably don't want to be them as your first character. That is, of course, unless you like challenge. There IS plenty of that. I still get heart attacks when I think I'm about to die. And being a sprite (extremely low hp) caster, this happens a lot.

The IMMs themselves... Well, some of them are more approachable than others, but for good reason. Some are coders, and thus their first job is not player relations.  There have been a few very popular characters banned of late, without much explanation why, but this is merely to perserve the affected characters privacy and reputation.

It is sometimes hard to get a group, depending on your race/class, but there are many things to do while you wait: explore, help lower characters than you, or read the massive help file system. Or just try to find someone to chat with -- there are a lot of social people here. Granted, there are also high matinence players, but they are defintly the minority... And there are some groups where you wonder why you are there, because it is so motivated by the need for experience points and levels. But all groups are most assuredly not like this, and there is also the idea of tanking a group yourself so as to avoid the "greedy-for-xp" players. Everyone has different goals on this MUD: some play to help others, some play to level, some play to socialize. If you come here, you won't find a totally 100% helpful playerbase... but what MUD really has that? Some players are simply motvated by self-interest. And there ARE mostly nice people.. more than enough in this game for you to socialize with. And a lot of challenge, on the side.

My advice to you... is during low mort (levels 1-50), find a stable group, and run with them as much as you can. Make friends. And don't forget, once you hero.... be nice to the newbies. As I am sure we will be nice to you when you try out this MUD.

Lady Annastasia port 3000