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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Penn

Interesting, pretty, fast, easy, excentric, entertaining...Couple of words that help describe Magica Materia. I've been playing for little over a month now and i must say, they have done an awesome job...Bards actually play their spells, you don't just "cast healing" you have to know the notes...They assist with some of the earlier notes and spells but a lot of the stronger spells you learn and figure out as you grow.

Its a very simple and easy mud to work with. You can grow steadily as well as enjoy the sites and cities. Their structure for chatting is a little different than most muds, consisting of a wait time between chats such as 15 seconds or 20 seconds.

Their quest system is fantastic, and their npc interaction is beautifully coded. Its not often that you find a mud where the immortals and the coders meticuously comb through their product and make sure that everything meshes and fits nicely. There are remort options which is very nice and the battle for those would like to play pk's is very nice as well.

Im proud to say that i think i've found myself a new home.

AKA Acen