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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Jasaray

I just lost my 1st character. Its kind of a bummer, but I like it because its like life, you get only 1 chance. Its going to make me care alot more. (I wandered out of the city n fell off a wall or something :P)

I like this mud, kinda boring at times, but I like to wander n look at everything. Kind of daunting at first, but I got drunk and talked to people in a tavern. Made a friend right off.

Ive been mudding for 2 years, and played a couple Enforced rp muds, but Arm pulls it off much better, (unlike Threshold, Aristotle is a Nazi) They dont gripe or laugh at you, but try to help.

So, all in all I dont have any gripes, except you have to judge skill% by rate of success. just kihnda guess about it...

NA its a fun time. try it, but only if youre ready to RP.