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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Amagadon

Re: all sorts of reviews
Too many comments to be sorted properly and still maintain a focus, so I'll reply to several things I found while reading through these.  Half these posts are from immortal staff. The others are from 2-4 other players who make up about 1% of the spectrum of Avatar and I find it hard to believe that this creates any sort of review as it presents a "yes we do" "no you dont" feeling. The average player has no posts here. Those that are here are very openly biased to one side or another, regardless of how they try to appear. It's hard to write an unbiased opinion however and this must be respected. You cant put any stock into immortal reviews, this mud sucks booty I hate you all dieidiedie reviews and this person doesnt know anything this mud is nirvana reviews because it paints a skewed picture. Personally, I feel immortals do a decent job most of the time, regardless of my personal feelings towards some of them.  Problems grow around the staff because of secrecy which is maintained beyond what is truely nessecary.  People complain about being banned and whatever, but they refuse to give names.  Why does your name matter if you've been banned? but at the same time, we see notes on "please dont multiplay, we had to whack XXXXXXX for it" or "XXXXXX has left us because I got tired of them" and this fosters distrust of the staff.  I personally find it very hard to trust them because of situations in the past where you see catch-22's being implemented. Twink gear and small perks being given to those who are "favoured" by staff happens quite often however recently most of the horrific offtenders in this section have been removed.
As to the comment that nobody has been jailed for posting a review, this is wrong as I have seen someone get jailed for it.  It may have been a result of other dealings as well, but the only thing I remember is Transformer being told to remove a review "or else" and he refused and was then gone.  However since this changed now, I am submitting my opinions on the matter.
Beyond this, classes are ok, races are ok, tiers are not.  Lord is stagnant and dead with removal of any hope of advancement being put at least another year off.  Disenheartening to say the least and really offers no incentive to play at all past hero, if even to bother lording.  People who are active players posting here have not been around long enough for the novelty of their first lord to wear off and stand by this decision that lord is an amazing place etc.  Yet on lordlist there are pages of level 1 lords because it's just not worth it.  
I suppose I've rambled long enough on various points I've seen in these reviews.  This mud is fun at first, the people you meet are for the most part, first rate. But investing a large amount of time to go nowhere has lost any pretence of a point now.

You'll have to excuse my disjointed ramblings at times as I'm trying to incorporate a lot of reviews into one.

Lord Amagadon
Long term, consistent player.