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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Gynamede

Disclaimer:  I'm a player who has played for nearly 4 years and am Considered a High Maintence Player (HMP).  I'm posting this review while I have a character in trouble too atm.  Take the review for what it's worth, It's my own opinion

Well i've been playing for 4 years and still continue to play, even though i've gotten in more trouble on the mud then John Gotti (famous mofia gangster) with the law.  What I mean here, they staff must be doing something right to keep someone who has been through as much as I has when i look at this.

The Good:
After playing here for 4 years, i've seen many changes go through everything from a new class being put in, to removal of skills for no apparent reason.  I think it's safe to say, that this mud has probably got one of the most family like atmospheres i've ever played on.  So much, that i've met a large portion of the staff and continue to have irl (in real life) friendships with several of the staff and players.  Also on AVATAR, it is one of the best when it comes to newbie friendly type atmosphere.  With a dedicated and voluntary angel staff, there are people here to guide the newest player through the beginning of the game to help them become the best that they can be in the game.  They also have a VERY extensive help file system, with helps ranging on every possible subject command ect in the game (that is accessable to your character level :p).  To top this off, if you enjoy hack-n-slash type muds, AVATAR is a good place for you, with more then enough levels (2000+) to just consistantly do hack-n-slash killing.

There is also a great deal of races to chose from, everything from the stinking trog, to the drooling troll, there is a race here to fit almost any type of person out there.

The Bad:
Well first off, if you want to succeed and play without being branded has a HMP, don't EVER EVER get involved in the game politics.  I myself have, and has caused me more trouble then it's worth if you want to enjoy the game for the actual game itself.

I think it's safe to say that every mud has it's powermudders, powerplayers.   These are people who adapt to the game quickly, and powerlevel or powerplay thier way through it.  Now many changes are implemneted in the game.  From what i've seen, most muds will try to change/implement new things things to accomidate these types of players.  However with avatar, this is FAR from the case.  Most changes that are implemented are to slow down leveling/progression through the game.  This also includes making gear harder to obtain cause "a too small of group got it and that's not what we want" (keep in mind that the too small consisted of people who think, and excel and challenge themselves buy doing the what is thought to be impossible)  These people who do this, are looked at as abusing loopholes, and such which isn't the case.  Just to prove this, here is a cut and paste from the room description of such an area and change....."Closed due to years of constant abuse."

To sum this up:
"If you have 1 spell that is working perfectly fine, and I mean, is just the right strength, causing the right amount of damage, ect.  And another spell that is supposed to be equivilent to the first spell mentioned. Would you reduce the power of the spell that has been working fine for a while to match that of the underpowered spell, or increase the power of the underpowered spell to match that of the spell working fine?"
It seems as if you asked the design staff of avatar this question they would answer with, "reduce the working spell"
(This is a rough alalogy and doesn't apply in all cases (applies to most though) )

As I said before.  This is only MY opinon, and Am considered a High Maintence Player.  So it's up to you on how to view this review.