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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Snikt - Kevin Jagh

Response to Amagadon's Review:
* Concur. We need more "avg Joe" reviews... The Imm reviews (well, except for mine which you should all have 100% faith in), hatemud reviews, and honestly even the "Nirvana" reviews all have to be viewed within the framework of their respective bias.
* I could elaborate on why Chuft was denied, but sometimes the reasons for denial are due to extremely personal and private information that has been brought to me, and it's inappropriate in those circumstances to share too much. For others, say Rottaker, I thought I had explained why, but maybe I didn't clearly. I'll consider how to better do this...
* If I remember correctly, Transformer was Duckie, and the associated history with Duckie is what got him whacked, not negative reviews. I challenge you to provide additional examples, as I steadfastly believe we haven't whacked someone because of a negative review.
* People at level 51 (pre Hero Tier) used to say the mud was boring. People at 999 Hero used to say the mud was boring. People waiting to pass on to Legendary status are getting bored. I assure you we are doing everything we can within the confines of personal life demands to add content and code design to make the place a better place to be.

Hope this explains and/or answers some of the valid issues you've brought up.