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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Richard

I am sorry to say that yes the review board has become a place to display our grudges.  But the people that have had bad experiences cant say to an imm I hate what you did when you did this.  Most of them get in quite a bit of trouble like me.  No I am not the other Richard.  Most of those people that hate avatar probably didnt hate avatar when the problem first came out.  THey probably emailed imms but that didnt help.  So it just simmered inside them become worse because they never got any say.  They used this to display their opinion without getting in trouble if they used a fake name.  I played this game for 6+ years and I have at one time or another stopped for a full year because of the imm rudeness and players doing something extremely rude to me.  I played like most players to get a Lord.  That is what most players want.  It is the thing that drives them to play.  When imms think about phasing lords out of the lower planes people will have no reason to play to lord.  YEs lord is stagnent you go on a run for a full hour and you might get a level.  I love playing hero lord spellup runs but I just like to play with the friends that i know on it.  Avatar is addicting and I am not any more I just play to talk to my friends.  I dont play that much because of how the classes are not ever grouped like mage at low-mort and hero unless you have a lord.  Well that is mostly what I wanted to say because this has become a place to display our grudges because if we do it on the game you will lose that character.  I know it has happened to me 3 times.