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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Uri

Avatar MUD is a great hack 'n slash mud, if not the best hack 'n slash. Role-playing is discouraged (no matter what the bio says), in the respect that you can't be an evil person on avatar. If you are mean, then you will disappear. Don't get involved with the development cycle as a player except through making positive suggestions for new ideas and new tweaks to old ideas, through the use of the idea command and lord list. Don't flame people. Don't be rude or offensive. Don't complain about changes. Learn to deal. If you have a problem with someone or something, don't shoot off your mouth angrily, because you will disappear. The propriety rules are enforced, period. Perhaps especially so in player-imm disputes, but I have NEVER seen flagrant imm cruelty OR excessive imm favoritism. My younger brother is an imm, I have met several high-ranking imms, and yet I have never even been allowed to group with imm-toy characters, or recieved any other undue advantage from that relationship. Not only that, but with the exception of designated imm-toys, I know of no imm alt with ridiculously twinky weapons, stats or skills.

Avatar has 2000 plus levels. It has over 200 unique skills. It has a challenging, dynamic playstyle that is balanced and rewarding, and through thought, planning, and effort, you can ALWAYS stand to become a better player, and the staff is constantly expanding on that concept, adding in new twists and possible techniques to better master. While it's true, there are only two classes that will regularly get you invitations to group, by playing to the best of your classes' abilities, you will find yourself developing a reputation among the better tanks as being an excellent player, you will make friends, and you will no longer notice yourself having a problem finding a group, no matter what class you are, even psion, mage, monk, ranger, archer, martial artist, and sorceror (you can no longer make ranger or martial artist, and you must trade in a level 1150 char to make a human sorceror). The whole mud is constantly getting revamped and improved. This game is WAY better than it was 2 years ago, and that was better than it was 2 years before that. I know because I've been playing that long.

Say some lord gets caught botting or multiplaying and gets deleted. He comes right here and posts some sanctimonious crap about how evil the immortal staff is, when there are warning signs about the practice everywhere. Multiplay is illegal, it says on the opening screen. Multiplay is illegal, it tells you if you accidentally sign on two characters at the same ip. Multiplay is illegal, it says in about two imm notes a month. But they still catch people who have been here for YEARS breaking the rules, and then have the nerve to complain. You break the rules, you lose. It's easy. You play nice or you don't play at all. I choose to play nice.

The imm staff will not bother 98% of players. Even the most jaded players must admit that you are more likely to have nothing but good relations with imms on any given day. Do bad reviews really belong? This isn't a forum. These are reviews. Avatar deserves a good review. I don't play rp muds. I play hack 'n slash. Avatar is the best hack 'n slash I've played. It was my first mud, and I've always come back to it. It's newbie friendly. It's a large world with some really interesting areas (you just need to go on exploration runs, as opposed to xp, gold, or eq runs). There are people at the hero level who do nearly nothing but focus on getting the very best gear. There are socialites. There are powerlevellers, who lord in a matter of a few months. There are role players. It's a changing, enjoyable environment.

Notice that there are no bad reviews written by newbies, or people who have only played a few months. It's old players, who have become jaded, who USED to think the mud was fun, but mouthed off a few too many times. Just because you have grown bored with Avatar doesn't mean you should try to convince new players not to come. I'd challenge you to find ANY other muds this size who don't have disillusioned former players who hold grudges against staff, adn I think casual readers should understand that about avatar's reviews.

Uri M.