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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Sleazy E

A harsh desert world, water and metal are precious and in most cases unaffordable. Life is delicate, death lurks in every corner. Growing up in the Labyrinth, will you manage to steal enough to leave the ghetto, or will you become a spy for a high ranking Noble? Explore the immensely detailed world, discover new places. Watch out for magickers and other beasties along the way. Will you become a soldier, an assassin, or simply live off the riches of a lucrative merchanting business. If you plan on making a trade route, better take a few hired mercenaries with you.. and hope that they don't decide that they'd make more for killing you than you're going to pay them.

ArmageddonMUD is an amazing world, where life is harsh. The roleplaying expectations are unrivaled at this text-based game which has lasted over a decade. Murder, chaos, destruction and disease lurk everywhere, but so do strong allies that can help bring your character into a place of real power. The immortal team is highly dedicated and do an amazing job at keeping ArmageddonMUD the very -BEST- online roleplaying adventure you could ever have.

Do yourself a favor, and submit to the addiction that is ArmageddonMUD. port 4050