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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Bailey

I consider myself the 'Average Joe' mudder. I've played Avatar for about 18 months - not long I suppose compared to some other Av players. But, frankly, there aren't any games - video, rpg, board, miniature, whatever - that I can play day-in and day-out and still find challenging, enjoyable, and entertaining. Some reviews are from "jaded" players. That's ok. Notice in each of their reviews how long they've played the game - usually over half a decade. So they're jaded... they still experienced 5+ years of
entertainment. Even if the players now "only come to socialize", if thats what they enjoy - great!

What you need to know about Avatar:
- Avatar's game system is highly customized
- A ton of original areas (and fewer and fewer stock areas)
- Averages over 100 players on at a time during most of every day
- Has interesting race/class options (including playable dragons, powerful centaurs & griffons, cool new archers, and more)
- Level system includes 50 mortal levels, 999 hero levels, 999 Lord levels, and, supposedly, Legend levels are planned for the future. Thats almost 2500 levels. Have fun.
- No player killing (though an special arena area allows you to test your combat skills against other players... much fun)
- No multi-playing - plenty of warnings about this. do it and pay the consequences :)
- Very stable system with regular backups, etc, to protect your characters
- Family oriented - meaning no obscene language or topics allowed on public channels (this keeps the mud CIVIL...)
- Newbie friendly - an entire class - the Angels - are there to help. Also, enough friendly players are around at any one time to answer *any* question you might have
- Very extensive help system - everything from newbie area maps to complete descriptions of all spells, skills, races, etc.
- Generally very fair immortals

The Avatar developers push the social aspect of the mud. A particularly good example is that they encourage grouping. Most players don't solo mobs. But, some do, because they enjoy the challenge. But, for the rest of us, grouped hack-n-slash  runs are *the* way to get experience, learn areas, and really get to know people.

The developers also work hard to keep us entertained. I could list several examples, but will mention the creation of the Archer class. This new class, implemented January 2002, has given every Avatar player a new challenge - to learn the class, experiment, and to use their brains. A considerable amount of work was put forth by the developers to make this happen (and to continue tweaking), and the staff did a first-rate job. Archers are really just making their impact on the realm. It's exciting.

Come, give Avatar a shot. Hundreds of people play Avatar on a regular basis. Many of us have been around a long time - that means we enjoy it. And, several newbies try us every day. Extensive help files as well as friendly players will do their best to make you comfortable. 3000

- The player known as Bailey.