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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Psektos

Armageddon - a harsh desert world named Zalanthas where survival does not solely come from the end of your blade.

Key Concepts - roleplaying mandatory**. Open player killing. No numerical representation of attributes beyond the basics:hit points, stamina, stun and endurance. Permanent death.

Account creation - to begin with you have to start with an account but that is not to say Armageddon is a pay-to-play game.  At first I was more than a bit taken back by having to create an account and further discouraged by the need to send in an application for a character.  Now I understand why, Armageddon is a community that gently demands a player put effort in their characters. Starting off having to create an account gets a you into the mind set for the serious roleplaying which follows character application acceptance.

Character creation - Armageddon restricts your access to the classes and races at first. This is done to ensure quality control for roleplaying and so that a player does not get in over his/her head from the start. Basic Elves, Humans, Dwarves, and Half Elves are the four basic races available. Main classes are the basic warrior, a couple rogue types and interestingly a mercantile class.

First character - start in Allanak and find your way to the Gaj, or one of the other taverns. Talk to people, get a feeling for the atmosphere and find a job or at least a couple friends.
From there the sky is the limit all you have to do is being will to roleplay your rear off. The players are very helpful but it is required that you stay in character. Questions on the OOC board and on the general discussion board are answered quickly and curteously.

Long term - just look below, that is a mail from one of the Immortal staff. They are diligent, enthusiastic and supportive so you know that in time you too can get involved in the intricacies of Zalanthas.

Hi Psektos,

I just wanted to check in and see how you've been/things are going, and to say thanks for your suggestions and what you've been contributing to the game.


** If you are not interested in roleplaying this mud is not the one for you, hack and slash happens with open PK but is -not- the focus of the mud.