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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Phrog/Scary

Well, Where do i start?
Ive been here on this mud when it was a different Mud, which i endlessly brag about to all you newbies so get used to it. I'm not here to tell you to play Avatar, or to tell you how great it is, or any other exagerations or lies. In fact im solely here because im bored at the moment and im sponging in a group. Yes, i am rather known for sponging when i dont lead runs... Anyway back to the point... (oh wait... is there a point?) Oh well I'll just start rambling on and on so if you're looking for a well thought out description or critique you're outta luck!
Personally i really dont want you to come visit us, because technically they're making it harder for me to level my alts really fast because doing so would also be helping others whom never went through this game before as i had. I feel rather strongly that it is my RIGHT to do as i please and pretty much try to find loopholes and bugs and abuse them to my utmost desires before someone turns them in to make my life hard... But for the the fact that we might actually attract new mudders, They made it ahrder to help me skip a stage that ive already been through... It wouldnt be so bad if i actually still knew the stage, alas it is a much different mud then when i was a hero. MANY areas have either been changed or taken out and replaced with others that are strange to me. It is nothing like it used to be. It took me 5 years to lord my first character... it took me 4 months to lord my second about 4 years later. The game has progressed and evolved over time. Some people thing these changes are bad and leave in search of a new better place to mud or actually find a real life. Some others, like me dont like these changes but still stay and adapt, and evolve with the game. We challenge it (at least i do) We dare it to do its worst. We whine and complain a lot but still we persevere. To me personally, this game is nothing as it was 8 or so years ago. But then again i am nothing as i was 8 years ago either.
So far this review prob seems a bit negative, but the fact that ive been here for 8 or so years must tell you something. I have many many friends here that know me and understand me. There are those that are strictly based on grouping and just messing around, but there are also those that Know me personally and that i can actually talk to and confide in. Its not just the hack/slash mud that everyones been saying it is its a world where you go to and everyone knows you and says hi (at least everyone knows me...) If anyone remembers the not so old tv show, it's my Cheers...
hmmm  what else?   well i cant really speak for the lower levels because i hate playing lower levels now (i personally dont think that i could start over again here... I find it rather lazy of me that i can barely make new alts with the help of my higher alts) However, at a higher level (lord particularly) theres always a new sense of challenge in doing even the runs you've donet a hundred times because of the fact that every group is different and every situation can change. Nothing ever goes perfect. Theres always one thing that goes horribly wrong and theres always that thrill and excitement in trying to overcome that mistake. To me this is much more than a game. Its a way of life, something i learned when we went down for those long 3 months.
Theres also plenty to amuse yourself with outside of the normal grouping routine... Theres never a time when there isnt an interesting (odd maybe but still interesting) conversation going on over the public channels. We have an arena for a sort of p-killing area with no real bad side effects, and those crazy people are always plagueing us with random trivia quests and occasional mud-wide quests that involve huge quantities of people

Hmm anyway i guess my runs finished and i should sum this up and go to bed... just remember  stay away  dont encourage them to make my mudding harder! However, if by chance you soo come to visit our little world be sure to say hi to me and give Snikt (our implentor) a tell saying how much you loved your visit.