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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by always dies

I have been playing this mud for a few weeks and still can't decide if I like it. It has many good factors, like the crafting system and the realism in many aspects. I never really played a role playing mud before and it is difficult. The character approval length is one bad element just because sometimes it takes a day.

Everyone here actually does role play, and if you are new its hard to get the hang of all the emotes  and the unique commands. The one thing I found most difficult was that even if you read all the documentation before you start playing, when you enter the world, you really have no clue, and it shows. Your first few characters will have a hard time rping because even though they are from an area they don't know where the main place to buy things is? It doesn't make sense and everyone hates OOC questions, Ive seen about 10 OOC statements and I made 5 of them. All the old players who have kept their players for a long time are powerful and you just plain suck at first.

I did enjoy a few characters and got really into them and was enjoying them because they actually started to interact with other players and also started doing things besides sitting around rp'ing. I enjoy rping but I also like to do things, which is why I suppose I end up dead and mourning my character and wondering why I play.
The roleplaying can be lonely too for new players if all the old players just ignore you. It might be in their characters role to do so, you see...but running around role playing with npc isnt appealing to me.

I think the problem with me is that I am playing in the sparse Northlands, where there perhaps isn't as many players, but I was just trying to get the hang of it. Overall I like the originality of the place, and the challenge. You just can't run around killing mobs for exp and expect to get far because there isnt any exp. Its hard to get into it but once you do it gets fun until you die, when I always get kinda sad about my stupid mistake that led to my death. I may have said some somewhat negative things, but I would recommend it to anyone who wants to play or try a rp mud, and hell I am still going to try and play it until they let me be something cool and have no intention of giving up yet.