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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by Yaz'Racor

Well, don't let yourself be detained by the rather biased recent reviews - After all, one of them is the former clanmaster of the Clan of War. Of course, this review is kinda biased, too, because if I didn't like the mud, I would probably not code and build for it :) Actually, and I have played quite a few chars myself, the classes and professions offered are very balanced - at least from my experience. Some fighting classes do have drawbacks against certain spellcasters, but some mages will have a hard stand against any warrior in PK, too. There are loads of areas to explore, with even more to come, and the quests offered are ranging from easy to very darn hard. Although the opportunities for RP are ample, the danger from other players is always present (if you chose to be able to fight players) - be it an assassin lurking in the shades, a pickpocket out for your precious equipment, an evil knight on his warhorse or a wizard who has dared his fate to encounter dangerous daemons on his travels through the demonic planes to reach you in the brink of a time.
We have six clans, each of which stands for a certain principle in the world of ayreon, with two of them forming opposing parties in a constant struggle for the turn of history: Order and Chaos, Good and Evil, Darkness and Light - And one clan, who watches that they do not carry their wars into the boundaries of the cities, that the LAW is obeyed, the Judges.
Our world is in constant development, and many improvements have been added lately, not a few of them stemming from ideas by the players.
With our playerbase growing at the moment, it is
especially unfortunate that some people resort to rather unfair methods as those employed by Dekkar. Namely, quoting people out of context to denounce them in public, just because the hold some kind of personal grudge. Let me, as one of the imms of dawn (no not the one Dekkar complained about :) give you the whole picture:
Imagine a player trying to fake his IP. Imagine him being rather unsuccessful with his task, and, thus, caught by an admin. To show he was able to see through the fake, that admin gossiped:
"Well, some people are really smart, especially if they come from sweden, right ?"
Now, further imagine that player having been caught cheating only a few days ago and taking the opportunity to post a review on topmudsites accusing the mud admins of racism - and you got the whole picture.