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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Sparky

I got into mudding - heck - maybe twelve years ago now.  I started playing on one of the many diku clones out there and then got sucked into an excellent (for what it is) LPmud.

Still, my online gaming experience lacked the intensity of RP that I found with table top games.

Then, by luck, I stumbled onto Armageddon.

I was shocked.  Confused.  Amazed. Instantly addicted.  My first interaction with a PC was to have them point out that I wasn't wearing any shoes and that the sand must be blistering my feet.

No one - in any mud before - talked about my character as a real person.  As a writer and English major, I felt like I had come home.  Here, on Armageddon MUD, there is a group of people who don't play to kill mobs, gain experience, quest for points and always recover from their deaths.  Here was a game like a Raymond Carver novel.  Dirty.  Gritty.  Real.

The game is difficult.  You HAVE to roleplay.  You have to play your character just like you are an actor on a stage (which, in fact, you are)and the emote commands will take a while to perfect.  On the other hand, in surprisingly little time and with a little patience you can find yourself skilled enough to equal the average joe roleplayer.

I guess one way to look at Armageddon is to compare it to a MUSH.  In intensity of RP it is VERY MUSH-like.  In fact, strip away the hardcoded realism of death, combat and economy and it becomes a MUSH without the little RP cliques and voting groups and all the OOC garbage that goes on with MUSHing.  Armageddon is - in fact - a MUSH-style (read: very intense) RP married to hard coded game reality.

That is the number one selling point of Armageddon.  If you want to roleplay, you join Armageddon.  If you want to kill smurfs, this game ain't for you.

Other very cool things that Armageddon has to offer is - heck I'll just make a list:
1. Death.  When you're dead, you're dead.
2. Unique and powerful spell system
3. Legal systems
4. Economic systems
5. Mounts (trained or purchased)
6. Houses to purchase
7. Huge crafting skills everything from poison to
wagons and everything in between.  It's very open ended.
8. Wagon code
9. Smart MOBS
10. High quality RP
11. Realistic combat code
12. Did I mention the smart mobs?
13. Starvation/dehydration code
14. Disease code (haven't seen a plague in awhile)
15. Addiction code
16. Psionic skills very different from spells
17. Unique environment (can't find another like it)
18. WELL written room, mob, object descriptions
19. Active IMMS and playerbase
20. Completely open-ended.

What can I say?  I've been playing forever (ten years maybe) and I'm not bored yet.

Can you say that about your mud??
Join us.  And watch out for the Mek.