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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Disgruntled Mudder

I'd be lying if I were to suggest the slightest hint of positive experience in the time I spent logged into Realms of Despair.

I went through their creation process, as limited as it is, and got into the thick of things.  You'd think with the couple of hundred players logged on, someone'd be willing to answer a question or in some way communicate with a new player.  Attempts both in character and out of character to initiate communications were ignored.  And as for the game itself, for as much as I was able to see in the hour or so I spent bumping around on the 'number 1' mud on this site.... I cannot pose so much as a single reason they sit in the number 1 spot.  This mud is truley among the more mindless game I've ever logged into.

And this is coming from someone who used to work, writing reviews for various muds for another site.  Big-time thumbs down.