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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Krystal

I just started playing this a month ago.
I like the game in most areas until I got to the level i am now.  I am a level 30+ archer.  I have been sitting around aelmon for the last 2 hours doing nothing.  THere are 3 people around me that are my level and all are on the same thing I am on.  THe WHo group list something that is supposed to help people wanting to get levels get groups.  I have been a level 30 archer for 2 weeks now. No levels.  I usually stay on for at least 5 hours.  I have many friends and they have already passed me because they are warriors.  The game becomes racist and classist at this point.  All the people on group me are not lord alts.  I see on grtz channel people my level leveling and find out that these are lord alts or they are warriors.  A friend of mine who is level 31 spr mag (very hard to level) has been on group me for 5 hours and no groups.  I consider pass level 30 racist and classist because if you are not a certain race or a certain class like a giant warrior you are always passed up.  I like the game mostly because of the freinds I have on it.  I dont know any lords so I dont get grouped very much.  If you play this game just play warrior they will always pick you up faster than you can say wow.  that is pretty much all I have to say the game is fun but if you are not a war it becomes slow to even level