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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Whoa

Well hello review reader :)

Just a little background information on me: i am an active player here on avatar mud and have been playing on and off for quite some time now.  I think it has been about 7 years or so.anyways on with my review.

Avatar was the first mud i ever logged on to.  I found the adress for avatar in a local computer magazine and it was given high marks, so i said what the heck, i have nothing better to do for a while.  Little did i know what i was in for.

my very first character was a dragon warrior, buy was he strong.  a good solid class that has been around for a long time.  Not as versitile or interesting as some of the other classes, but a good class to start off with.  i agree that low mortal levels are tough to get, but that is what i love, a nice good challenge.  Grouping is somewhat sloppy at the lower levels but with an increase of time and experience you can go far.

I can remember how helpful everyone was to answer all the silly newbie questions that i had.  just like now, i try to reciprocate the kindness others have shown me and to help others without expectations of a reward.  I also take time out for myself to have a good ol' hack and slash fest with the local mobs.  sadly to say i haven't attained lord level yet despite the long time i have been playing.

there are many ways to play on avatar which is great because the diversity of people that it attracts is wonderful.  It's true that current events and politics usually aren't allowed, but its a mud, a place where i come to escape from the thoughts of everyday life.  I can emerse deeply into my wacky persona and nto be labeled crazy.

The staff of immortals that i have had contact with have been ever so kind and helpful.  not that i agree with ever single decision that gets implemented or taken out but i'm not the one paying the bills to keep the mud running.

well this is all that i want to share of my experiences at avatar.  come by and check avatar out.  maybe i'll see you there, i'll be waiting :P

whoa rabid-wussy-elf-cleric