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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by GenmaC

I use the smaug codebase, so I decided to go see what the original was like.

The gameplay is fine, the colors are very L.O.R.D.-ish (which I didn't mind), the monsters are killable, and it's overall a very playable MUD, although nothing exceptional or original.  The questions I asked got responses from players, and I even got a guide when I was lost.  Overall, a good MUD, certainly good enough to spend time playing.

The only negative comment I have is with the punishment level the immortals hand out.  I was helled for 10 days on my first offense - an illegal player kill.  No warnings (it *was* posted in the rules, I'm not making exceptions), no explanations as to what hell was (remember, I was assumed to be some sort of newb), and I was sent to hell for 10 days.

I'm sorry, but I find that just a bit harsh.  Obviously, I'm not going to go back.  Perhaps they wanted to keep the player that I killed (he sounded kind of scared and incompetent), but they sure as heck lost me, a MUDder for over 4 years.