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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Gresher

All i can say about this game is WOW!
I started arm a few months ago i was looking for something different than slaying hundreds of mobs and questing i wanted RP and lots of code. The game is far better than a MUSH such as otherspace where you have to rely on the imms to make things happen in arm there tons of things your char can do you can be a merchant join a house craft a whole load of different things be a skilled assasain who earns alot of money from employers
you could use a sharp knife and backstab your target or cunningly poison some food or drink he might be going to consume you could also be a burglar and use lockpicks and traps to break into rich nobles houses although you might end up in the jails if your caught by the authorities! The landscape in the known world of Zalanthas is vast it is mostly desert but there are also forsest where you might want to live if your a ranger living of the land there are cities where the nobles (rich people) live not to mention the scum of Zalanthas. Before you sign up for a account i recommend you read all the documents on the website about descriptions and other things and also think about the char your going to play and also your first few chars may die but dont give up it takes about a week to get used to the land and learn to survive the harsh known world.