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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Nemec

Avatar is the BEST MUD I have ever been on.  I was introduced to the mud 4 years ago by a friend of mine and have advanced throught the ranks and am currently a Hero on the mud.  I'm hoping this year I might make Lord by Christmas.

We are very newbie friendly and there is almosts always an immortal on to keep people in line should things get out of hand.  I happend to be partial of Paladin Justice myself.  Only once was my pfile wiped out becuase of a problem on the mud but they had a backup system set up to recover all the lost player's accounts.  They also have a system in place for reimbustment if your corpse is lost.

The MUD also has Angels to help you if you happen to die.  They help you get your corpse back and keep you safe while doing it.  Players also take this task upon themselves sometimes.  I myself am one who spends many hours waiting for a group doing Corpse Retriveals (CR's) instead.

The social environment is great.  There are numourous channels ranging from quests to auctions and hero/lord only channels.  And the immortals will dispence some swift Paladin Justice to anyone who decides to disobay the Language Rules.

The Player Killing is restricted to the arena that cannot be walked into, you must accualy type the words to be taken there.  This is for obvoius reasons to keep high level people from tricking lowbies into following them there.

All in all Avatar is the best MUD out there.  I encourage everyone to at least visit some time and get a feel for the atmosphere we have.