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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Coraith/Tryser

I was a player on Star Wars: Rise in Power at one time and it was my belief that RiP would never be bested, even after it was shut down.  I was proven wrong by Caspian and his great team of builders/coders/admins.

The Game is set during the New Jedi Order Timeline.  It is RP enforced, you don't get away with cheap ass kills like a lot of MUDs.  With 31 planets, all original with the exception of Gamorr, Honoghr, Coruscant, Byss and parts of Corellia.  At this stage it is almost ready for invasion but several Vong skills/classes need to be complete for the Invasion.  There is even a Yammosk system that I believe is about to be implemented.  The Senate does exist here, unlike other MUDs.

The downsides:

A few not-so good RPers always turn up but that is unpreventable.  Vong are basically impossible to kill unless you are Jedi, it is my personal belief that Togorians and Noghri should be able to match them, several BHers have been over-powered by the Vong Combatants.

That's all I have to say, Remember whatever MUD you chose only You and the Players along side you can make a MUD fun!