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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by Drollo

Having played MUDs all over the world for many a year, after a while one gets disappointed by the repetitions found over and over again on different muds. 3Kingdoms is one of a few muds where I returned after a long absence and still fully appreciate the world, its areas, the players and even its admins.

The areas are vast and somtimes massive. They can be as small as 10 rooms and as big as a thousand or more. Mapping is not a luxury but a necessity. The main 3 areas alone take a while to be mapped accurately and even then not all the hooks to individual areas will be found. And the amount of areas keep growing and old areas are also still maintained and updated.

3K has quite a few different guilds. The line up has changed over the years and will change in years to come. If you are a player that likes to go in a room and absorb massive damage, you can become a Juggernaut. Rather be a versatile spellcaster? Join Mages or Necros. A fan of the Dune or Jedi series can enjoy himself as Jedi or Fremen. Rather be heroic and chatty? The Knights beckon. These are just a few of the guilds present! Bored of the one? Leave and join another.

It is amazing the amount of players present at any time. Some of them have been returning regularly since the beginning! Old players often return after a while as 3Kingdoms is and will be a unique place to relax and have fun. In any form you prefer.

After this long review I can only invite you to come over and check 3Kingdoms out. Be beware that you just might not want to leave again ;-)