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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Debbie

I would not recommend this Mud to anyone, for any reason!  I started playing there 6 years ago when there was significantly less players on at one time.  In the 2 years I stayed there, it steadily went downhill.  The Immortals don't give one whit about you, ignoring your questions/comments/cries for help while badmouthing the mortals on the immchans and the players are very cliquish.  They don't care about anyone but their eq and themselves and those within their little circle.  If you aren't in their "elite" group of little friends, don't bother talking to them because they have no time for you.  And if you're a newbie, be prepared to be ignored or flamed for asking a "newbie question" and/or for wearing newbie eq (especially if you're a newbietar).  Yes, 95% of the players (and Immortals) tend to forget they were newbies once, too.  I left that god forsaken Mud 4 years ago and haven't looked back.