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Reviews Section
Ages of Despair by Rannias

>This is still THE greates mud around.. and >honey.. certain wizard? Grow Up. If "Welasre" >and his friends are giving you a hard time it is >because you deserve it. Destroying the mud.. no >dear.. only your diseased self can do that, and >I was hoping to be rid of you to be honest..  >Anyways, to finish off this post.. AoD is the >best mud around.. as long as you aren't a cheap >whore...

First of all, this is _NOT_ a player review. It is obviously a review submitted by one of the 'corrupt' ones that everyone talks about in all the reviews. If there is a group of 5 corrupt people and 50 people are nuked, then obviously that group must have been right about them and hence, they were exterminated for that reason. AoD was a great MUD about a year ago and now, it seems to be chock full of corruption and wizards who like to pry into player's personal lives and then accuse them of being 'cheap whores' on a topmudsites review. AoD needs a serious facelift and I thought I could be that person to help, and sometimes, I still think I can go back and do just that but reviews like this, from know-nothing wizards, are the things that deter players from logging onto a MUD. If an administrator on Ages of Despair should read this review, I would suggest that they get rid of the wizard who made this post because their opinions seemingly reflect the group of wizards on said MUD. So whoever you are Ms.Snobby wizard, keep your attitude to yourself about players. As a wizard you are NOT above them. In fact, if it wasn't for the hope of players logging on, you wouldn't even build areas.

Now for my review:

Ages of Despair is a newbie friendly MUD and that's it. Once reaching a max guildlevel and multiclassing, your exp rate stays about the same although you can add a ton more skills and spells to your repitoire. There is one "highbie" exping area and that is all. The MUD is mostly midbie areas with 16k mobs that everyone kills and are hard to get to if you're slow on the keys. If you plan on playing on AoD for fun, do not even bother trying to improve your characters basic set of equipment, for it is impossible. Monsters that hold rare equipment are deemed unkillable because they do one of two things: summon greater demons (up to 3 at one time) that take melee for the monster and cast one round spells that can wipe your party if two demons cast at the same time. The other "alternative" to the demons summoning spell is to give the mobs healing spells that cost little to no cp for monsters to cast and allow them to stay alive until they run out of cp, which takes 15h or more and reboots are spread 25h in between. Problems arise here because they equipment isn't worth the time and if you die sometime within that 25h frame from tanking a mob, you get bugged (they cannot fix it, so they claim it is a feature but i didn't see this feature on their MUD page) and receive two to three times the melee damage from the mob is they attempt to continue attacking it, causing more death and leading to frustration and lack of sleep as well.

Balance does not exist on this MUD. There are level 100 mobs with "the best" equipment (so it is claimed) that have +20 stat gear, and there are lvl 75 mobs with like +12 stat gear that is actually better. The economy is in shambles for many more reasons. In order to weed money from people, the immortals auction of free reincarnations that allow players to change their character configuration. So rare eq is imporrislbe to get and stat gear is readily available even to newbies at level 5 or so, so equipment isn't worth anything really here by ways of money since it all floods the market anyway. Large mobs which are killed due to "bug abuse" (as they claim) are 'fixed' to ensure they 'work' like they should next time and normally, the players have the equipment taken away from them or some imms become frustrated because their equipment has gotten (isn't that WHY you code?). Guilds here are constantly downgraded to make exp'ing slower b/c all mobs on aod are exactly the same (only separeted by set_level(), but all lvl 100 mobs are still the same by default.)

Qc let's allows long desc like (taken from game):

The plains spread out as far as the eye can see.  A large dark hawk  soars
effortlessly over your head and into the distance.  A few rocks lay
scattered beneath your feet.  The grass sways in the breeze and parts
easily beneath your step.

This area around you is covered with short grass.  A cool breeze blows in
from the nearby sea and caresses your cheeks lightly.  The distant
mountains can be seen towering above you to the north.  A large sea can be
seen to the west.

These are terrible with instances of some form of 'you' in every sentence. Items in room are lacking and the quality and speed at which areas are put into the game is lackluster.

Law on aod is another bad aspect. Law is run by one wizard at a time and he (currently Welkasre), allows his opinions to cloud his judgement. He hibernates offenders almost immediately before they are claim guilty:

Mar 15 2002 Alarielle: Hibernated for 90 days waiting
Law's investigation. (Welkasre)

it seems to me, that you don't even have to be acussed of anything to be punished AND since Law ALSO hibernates your alts, there is no way to find out what crime you have committed for it is never states to you. This sounds unfair to me entirely, I dunno what you think.

Design on the MUD is decent. The mini-map is a good feature but is buggy for if you move over 20 spaces or so, it loses track and colors bleed into others and the mud lags in general. Areas have no history and in fact, are just randomly splattered on the worldmap. This worldmap is just a blob of areas without any reason for why they are there. The MUDhistory is foggy and is entirely unrrelated to anything on the MUD like how the races got their, guilds were formed and generally everything else.

Mudlib here is lacking big time due to having no coders. The efficient of code here is terrible and often, bugs that arise are blamed on players are per my balance notes above. So many changes are made within the mudlib that are tiny and small on ocassion but none that really effect players too directly. Changes that Do occur usually are upgrades for mobs and downgrades for players and thus, do not counter-balance eachother in any way.

Education of wizards here, I would say was strong. Sevet and Welkasre (before he went mad) were awesome at teaching. Now, I don't know for I am not there. 'Nuff said about that..

In conclusion, if you want a newbie hack and slash MUD to play on, try AoD. This place is still in Beta testing from what I've seen and it's immortal staff needs to know it's place as they ought to realize they work for the enjoyment of players at their leisure and not for their own pleasure (at least not entirely). AoD is fun as long as you keep your mouth shut, b/c if you open it or kill a big mob, you might just be hibernated 'pending law investigation'.

~ Rannias

P.S Remember.