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Reviews Section
Ages of Despair by Jinx

It hurts my heart to see this once so amazing mud being run down like it is, and I can't even begin to understand the frustration the administrators, who have dedicated their life to it (litterally), must feel. The neverending list of new popular muds that are shattered to pieces by power thirsting wizards seems to have grown further. Now, you can either continue to let bitterness cloud your judgement and keep on driving the AoD-loving players that are left from the mud, or you can take a serious look at your staff and ponder for a second; Can all these reviews you see here come only from, let me quote, 'cheap whores'? Or do these people actually have a point? I find it deplorable reading such an attacking, biased, and in front of all childish 'review' made by a representative of the mud (ie: The Anti-Whore,

AoD is a very nice mud, but unfortunately, unplayable due to abuse of power, corruption and immature behaviour (see above). Of course the corrupt and childish won't agree, that is and will always, be the case.